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Spirit Tracks Stamp Stations

Number Location Items Required How to Get
1 Aboda Village None Near Alfonzo's House
2 Whittleton Village None North portion of Village
3 Forest Sanctuary None Across bridge
4 Forest Temple The Wirlwind 1st Floor NE Corner
5 Anouki Village None Behind NE Trees
6 Snow Santcuary None On ledge along the trail
7 Snow Temple Boomerang 1st Basement Floor NE Corner of Octive lake
8 Wellspring Station Boomerang Beyond the North Lake
9 Castle Town Bombs Atop the Ramparts, NW Tower
10 Trading Post Bombs North Area Within Cave
11 Ocean Temple Bombs, Whip In Secret Area of 2nd Floor (bomb walls and use whip to reach)
12 Ocean Sanctuary Song of Birds, Whip Ride a Bird up to the ledge near the entrance
13 Papuchia Village Song of Birds, Whip Ride Birds to the SW Isle of the South Region
14 Goron Village Whip Ride Birds to get to theNW corner of the West Region
15 Fire Santctary Boomerang Light All Torches Then Take Bridge
16 Fire Temple Bow 1st Basement floor shoot SW Switch
17 Pirate Hideout Song of Birds, Whip Ride a Bird to the Edge Near the Station
18 Sand Temple Sand Wand 1st Basement Floor, West end of Quick Sand Passage
19 Sand Sanctuarty Cuccos Use a Cucco (after delivering them) to reach the SW Isle
20 Tower of Spirits None

Near the Alter at the Apex


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