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Staff Openings!

Here at The Sacred Grove we are looking for some staff to contribute to our site. Here we are trying to fill in these positions:

Walkthrough Creator: This person would write deataled walkthroughs that include some screenshots to help the walkthroughs to be easier to understand and less dull and boring. For this posisition you should have some experiance with writing walkthroughs and the ability to make the walkthrough as easy to understand as possible. You also need to have knoledge of the game you are woking for.

Video Walkthrough Creator: This position requires knoledge of the game yiu are working for. It also requires the person to make videos on how to beat the game.

News poster: This person would help post news about Zelda on the main page. This person should have some experiance onplaying the zelda games. This person should also know what is going on currently in the Zelda Community.

If you are interested in one of these positions please fill out the contact form under Contact Us.


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