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Skyward Sword Update

Features of Skyward Sword:

Will feature that the very movement of Link's sword matches the players movement with exact persision. It will also feature a arsenal of items at the players disposial. The player will try their hand at throwning, rolling, and droping bombs, shooting a bow, and fighting enimies and completeing puzzles with the whip. Skyward Sword will offer a multitude of new game-play mechanics, giving it a different feel then the other Zelda games in the franchise.

Progress of Skyward Sword:

Are currently in the final stretch of developement. Only a few more dungeons to create, and also some more challenging bosses.

Posted by FierceDeityLink on 8/1/10


Site is Up and Running

The site is officially up and running. We are looking for for some staff soif you are interested please check out the Staff Opening

Posted by FierceDeityLink! on 7/31/2010


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