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I thought it right
To still at night
To keep at watch at my new post.

But what I feared
At last drew near,
And flawed my watch.
My wandering watch;
My wandering eye which guards the night.

The eye it sees through all the walls
And travels atop the roofs.
It looks upon the shantytown
That I once left aloof.

It is not under my control
I see it less and less.
Although the eye is my own flesh
To see it won’t confess.

As night lingers on
I leave the pier
To wander aimlessly.
Left to the night
To watch the sky;
The eye which set me free.

The post I leave now disappears
A new one takes its measure,
In a far off land that I know not
To wait is its displeasure.

It's a secret to everybody.

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